Welcome to Glassica Furniture
Glassica furniture features unique & diversified range of furniture.
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Welcome To Glassica Furniture

Glassica furniture is a reputed name in furnishing situated in Indore near M.R.10. Glassica furniture was established in 2012.
Glassica serves in wide range of items spanning over 16 key categories! The vividness and depth of our catalog will surely help you find the exact item you are looking for. We could work with you to customize Room Designs or individual items.
Glassica furniture features unique & diversified range of furniture. We deal with an elite class furniture range consisting of Bar stool, Center Table, Console, Corner Table, Dining Table, Fountain, Loose chair, Mirror, Mural Painting, Outdoor, Recliner, Single sofa, Combined Sofa, Sofa set, Vases, artifacts, Garden furniture (outdoor furniture), Flowers, Corner lamps, Watches, Bar Chairs, Fish pot, Pop statues.
We are also dealing with designing work on Glass, Korean, CNC & Laser Cutting on wood, MDF, Acrylic, ACP, SS, MS, Brass, Aluminium, Stone.

Discovery of Craft, Creativity & Culture

Get more than what you are looking for, explore the discovery & innovations from all around the world, Now you don’t need to roam around the globe in search of furniture, you can the best of both worlds here , your kind of furniture associating you with wonderful memories, Tune in to some fond memories with Glassica classics; a sofa comforting your movie time, a console where your winning trophies can make its place, a chandelier to brighten your after work mood and much more.

A Journey of Wonderment & Fulfillment

Glassica is you very own shop of wonderment fulfilling your wishes with pocket savvy deals, a world of difference to your decor, whether it is enhancing your living room or doing up your bedroom. Select from these wide range to add more style and elegance to your home.


One can easily get customized furniture or any kind of home/office decor stuff from Glassica. Things that they always keep in mind while making furniture are comfort and satisfaction.

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Glassica Furniture

When we think about furniture, we think about Glassica because they have perfectly perfect designs of our choice that makes our home creatively perfect.

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Glassica Furniture